amd64 on Asus K8V SE Deluxe

Mikhail P. miha at
Sat Oct 2 11:38:02 PDT 2004

On Saturday 02 October 2004 14:43, Alex D'Elia wrote:
> Hello there....
> I got the same motherboard, and ( as I already wrote to the mailing list )
> I could not install on the ATA HD, because of the TIMEOUTS and FAILURES.
> So I did get myself a new SATA which is connected to the Promise Controller
> and is working happily.
> Installation from amd64-BETA6 went fine, and i got the system up and
> running.

Did not try ATA drives there. SCSI stuff works great - Adaptec's UWSCSI320 and 
15k rpm Seagate's SCSI.

> You are saying that you are working on it since a while now,
> so maybe you know how to configure the sound card with the proper driver.
> I got ofcourse the
> device sound
> but i dont know which should be the specific device ( ex. snd_ad1816 )
> cause i could not find in the docs the sound device for the
> ADI AD1980 SoundMAX ......
> If you got a clue, before i would go by try&error :)
> would be greatly appriciated.

I don't think I will be much help here, because the machine I was referring to 
is being used as a server, not desktop, so I did not compile sound support.
You could try "brute force" ("If unsure, use brute force") approach - load 
every "snd_*" and watch for dmesg to see which one would work for you.
Alternatively, try questions@ - maybe someone has 5.3BETA with similar sound 
card on another architecture (ia32?).

> bests.
> alex


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