T.F. Cheng tfcheng at
Sat Nov 27 20:47:38 PST 2004

Hi there,
    I am shopping for new hardware because I want to
run amd64 of freebsd, but have to say that I am no
expert. I have gone through mailing list, several
forums and read articles until I can't read anymore...
Anyway, I really need some advice about the pieces
that I am getting. 
Here it goes:
(1)M-board+CPU combo:Asus A8V Deluxe Via Socket 939
ATX Motherboard and AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Processor,
which has:
    Chipset: VIA K8T800Pro/VT8237
    Memory: 4 DIMM sockets using 184-pin DDR 
    AGP Support: one 8X/4X AGP slot
    LAN:Gigabit LAN chip (Marvell 88E8001)
    Audio: AC '97 Sound CODEC (Realtek)
(2)RAM: Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory
(3) Video card: XFX GeForce FX 5200 / 128MB DDR / AGP
8X / VGA / TV Out / Video Card
(sorry, I have posted this on some forums as well)
     What I would like to know is that if all these
are supported  , as far as I know, the NIC had given
trouble but had been solved. And would like to know if
I can run 32-bit app on it? I think I will need some
options in kernel. And it seems that this version
can't be booted from floopy, has to make 3 boot CD,
Very much appreciated for any advice, thanks!! 


Best Regards,

Tsu-Fan Cheng

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