error message: "NOTE: BIOS IS NOT INSTALLED"

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Sat Nov 27 13:37:37 PST 2004

Marta Resende wrote:
> hello, i had freebsd working in my machine(amd athlon xp and asus mobo), 
> and today, i change the motherboard and cpu, and when i turn on the 
> computer, it says: [NOTE]: THE BIOS IS NOT INSTALLED.
> and i reboot and press delete in the boot, to configure the bios, and i 
> save&exit, and the same message appears.
> So... i did nothing after hardware installation of the mobo and cpu, 
> should i have done something to proceed with bios installation??
> i post in these forum cause this error was with a MSI k8t board and 
> athlon 64.
> thank you!


    New Boards have several ATA, SATA and RAID disc-controllers, If any of them
    are enabled without having any discs attached, the controller complains and says
    that it did not activate its part of the BIOS.

    On my MSI K8T Neo2 FIR  , this exact same message appears if I enable
    the Promise 20579 Raid controller to which there are no discs attached.

    Does FreeBSD start at all on your system after the Motherboard swap ?
    If you are running the Generic Kernel I guess it should, but if the kernel was
    heavily customised toward the previous MOBO, maybe you need to manually start
    the Generic kernel from the bootstrap.....


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