xmbmon 205 bogus on amd64

a.degroot at science.ru.nl a.degroot at science.ru.nl
Fri Nov 26 16:03:29 PST 2004

Trying to quiet down my rather noisy machine, I turned on cool 'n quiet
and some other fan control gadget, which leads me to wanting to monitor
the CPU temperature for now to see that it doesn't freak out. With xmbmon
204, I get output like this (the CPU fan is indeed stopped now):

Temp.= 32.0, 52.0,  0.0; Rot.=    0,    0,    0
Vcore = 1.57, 0.00; Volt. = 3.41, 5.11, 11.31,   0.39,  5.11

xmbmon 205, on the other hand, gives me all voltages 0, and a temperature
of 124 degrees. Can anyone else confirm (similar weirdness)? FWIW, this is
on an Asus K8V SE, a Via KT800-based board.

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