acroread on the amd64

Ernst W. Winter ewinter at
Wed Nov 24 22:51:00 PST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Oliver Fromme wrote:

> Ernst W. Winter <ewinter at> wrote:
>  > Sorry I posted this to you, but for the benefit to others I would
>  > suggest to compile "xpf" or "gpdf" and "gv" as I never used the
>  > Acrobat reader and had no need for it. I found those other ones done
>  > a job well even here now on a AMD64.
> Acroread is a _lot_ faster than those, especially with
> anti-aliasing enabled.  I've had a complex document

As I said I don't know as I never needed nor used it.

> (containing lots of detailed maps and graphics) which
> gv took more than two minutes to render, while Acroread
> took 10 seconds.  Also, I've had several cases where

Please send me some as I never had any problems with that either, so
it would be nice to see it and gain the experience.

> gv etc. did not render a document properly, most of the
> time it had to do with overlapping elements which were
> rendered in the wrong order.  Acroread has never any
> such problems.
Again, it would be nice to see it as I said I never had such
problems, so please enlighten me or send me something so I can see
what you mean and which type of documents.

> For those reasons I use Acroread most of the time, if
> possible.
Sure no worries, if it fits why not.

> (The above are just my observations.  YMMV.)
same here.

> Best regards
>    Oliver

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