acroread on the amd64

Oliver Fromme olli at
Wed Nov 24 13:55:51 PST 2004

Ernst W. Winter <ewinter at> wrote:
 > Sorry I posted this to you, but for the benefit to others I would
 > suggest to compile "xpf" or "gpdf" and "gv" as I never used the
 > Acrobat reader and had no need for it. I found those other ones done
 > a job well even here now on a AMD64.

Acroread is a _lot_ faster than those, especially with
anti-aliasing enabled.  I've had a complex document
(containing lots of detailed maps and graphics) which
gv took more than two minutes to render, while Acroread
took 10 seconds.  Also, I've had several cases where
gv etc. did not render a document properly, most of the
time it had to do with overlapping elements which were
rendered in the wrong order.  Acroread has never any
such problems.

For those reasons I use Acroread most of the time, if

(The above are just my observations.  YMMV.)

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