[PATCH] if_sk(4) rx/tx "hangs"

Thomas E. Zander riggs at rrr.de
Mon Nov 15 08:47:13 GMT 2004


On Mon, 15. Nov 2004, at  7:58 +0000, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote
according to [Re: [PATCH] if_sk(4) rx/tx "hangs"]:

> what other patches did you apply ?

This morning just the ram patch.

> could you please get the version from HEAD (should also work just fine
> with 5-STABLE) and tell me the results (including the additional dmesg
> lines but only the sk* parts).

Of course, I'll do it tonight asap.

>  From the output I had already seen from you it seems we both have
> exactly the same chip so this is a bit strange.

Well, afair you haven't got the "watchdog timeout" messages, have you?
That's another strange difference considering our chips should be


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