CPUTYPE for 32-bit mode?

Jem Matzan thejemre at thejemreport.com
Thu May 27 19:34:34 PDT 2004

Andrew Houghton wrote:

> Not necessarily the best place to ask this question, but..
> What, if any, CPUTYPE setting in /etc/make.conf makes sense for an 
> opteron running in i386 mode?  I'm not sure how much tuning GCC 3.3.3 
> actually provides when fiddling with things like this, so maybe it 
> doesn't matter.  I would use k8 or opteron, but neither are listed as 
> options in /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf.  athlon-xp and athlon-4 
> seem the next best bet, with (I think) athlon-4 edging out athlon-xp 
> due to support for SSE2 instruction sets.
> Should I even bother with this?
> - a.
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athlon-xp will definitely work.

But since the AMD64 architecture uses SSE2 and MMX instructions, you 
could also use p4. There might be a problem that I'm not seeing by using 
the p4 type, but in theory it should work perfectly.


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