Why is MySQL nearly twice as fast on Linux/AMD64 Vs. FreeBSD/AMD64?

JG amd64list at jpgsworld.com
Thu May 20 12:33:40 PDT 2004

>I agree something isn't working, that's obvious from the results.  That
>doesn't change the fact that linuxthreads is a gross hack that does
>something two system thread libs are supposed to do.  Unless porting
>linuxthreads to amd64 is REALLY trivial, you would almost certaintly get
>more milege in the longterm working with the people on threads@ to find
>and fix the problems with our threading libaries or scheduler.  Obvious
>things to do include building test cases that require minimal mysql
>-- Brooks

After I do my i386 OS / AMD64 hardware benchmarking tests, I'll post
the results here and then a summary of all of this to freebsd-threads as it
does seem to be becoming more of an issue for them than the AMD64

I guess we'll know that from the upcoming i386 benchmarks, how libpthreads
is working for MySQL on either port.

- JeremyG

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