XFree86 vesa and radeon 9600 driver voor AMD64

Tilman Linneweh arved at FreeBSD.org
Tue May 18 16:12:45 PDT 2004

* Peter Wemm [Di, 18 Mai 2004 at 18:53 GMT]:
>> I have an ATI radeon 9600 video card, and that driver seems to be
>> the only one I can get X to work with on amd64....
>> Next to the fact that configuration of it, is horribly simple.
>> And thus would be a good target to get people quick online with a
>> simple XConfig.
> I had to use a newer XFree86 that had updated drivers for my radeon 
> 7000.  It wasn't pretty, to say the least.
> I currently run this at home:
> vendor string:    The XFree86 Project, Inc
> vendor release number:    40400000
> XFree86 version: 4.4.0
> But.. I had to do unspeakable things to it to make it compile.  The 
> XFree86 folks really truely screwed things up.

The main problems, __AMD64__ vs __amd64__, were fixed after 4.4.0 release
(Both in XFree86 and X.org).

I run 4.4.0 on my amd64 from the ports Dejan Lesjak submitted


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