Still can't get -current, was Re: getting -current???

K Chapman tech2187 at
Fri Jul 30 07:37:18 PDT 2004

> > 20040324 - CURRENT is like from the stoneage, get
> a newer version, ade
> > suggeste SESNAP which can be found at
> where we build
> > daily snaps for AMD64, that would give you a new
> CURRENT and us a chance to
> > know if they work :)
> I grabbed and burned the
> 5.2-CURRENT-20040727-SESNAP.iso file from
> (it appears that the
> 0728 and 0729 builds busted).  The CD boots fine and
> I get a regular
> install screen.  The custom page works normally up
> to the point where I
> commit, and then it can't find the files it needs
> from
> The installer sets its release name to 5.2-CURRENT,
> which is not found on
> any server I tried.  I am not sure what path it
> checks for these files.
> I tried setting the release name to
> 5.2-CURRENT-20040727-SESNAP (there is
> such a directory, but there do not appear to be any
> dist files ) and even
> to /snapshots/amd64/5.2-CURRENT-20040727-SESNAP but
> that didn't work.  I
> poked around for something like -current, but
> couldn't find one.
> So how do I natively get a -current for AMD64?  I
> apparently need step by
> step instructions.  I've built countless i386 boxes,
> so I know the install
> process.  I don't want to start with an i386 build
> for this processor;
> I want to use native amd64 software the whole way
> (the i386 build works
> just fine on this processor).
> This whole thing started out with me trying to do an
> update for AMD64
> 5.2.1-RELEASE, which was lacking cvsup.  I'm testing
> things out because I
> am about to issue a PO for 4 dual-Opteron servers
> and I want to have the
> details ironed out about the OS install and what to
> specify for
> motherboard/CPU combos before I issue a PO.  I would
> prefer a -RELEASE
> that is updatable, since I want to put these servers
> into production, but
> I'd at least like to get SOMETHING running properly
> before the new servers
> arrive.  5.2.1-RELEASE AMD64 ran fine, by the way; 
> I just couldn't update
> it in the usual way, so I asked about what happened
> to cvsup.
> I have an MSI K8T Neo motherboard, with an Athalon64
> 2800+.  I am willing
> (quite willing) to provide testing and other help
> with the AMD64
> architecture.
> stu
> stuart nichols
> CAPnet Network Operations

i dont understand why you cant install cvsup from

thats what i did after installing amd64 5.2.1 and
it works fine.  please check the mailing list archives
on cvsup and amd64.  it does work...

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