CFLAGS+= -fPIC per default?

Joseph Fenton jlfenton at
Sun Feb 22 17:08:00 PST 2004

Marcel Moolenaar wrote:

>>That makes no sense.
>Just not to you. You even use this in your argument by differentiating
>between intra- and inter-section addressing. The reason my words do not
>make sense to you is that you map it onto your own point of view as if
>we're approaching this from the same angle, but all you're seeing is
>the mismatch between my words and your PoV.
>I suggest you step away from depicting the final code when you
>implicitly do away with all the uncertainties that a compiler needs
>to work with, to which the -fPIC applies anyway and how it affects
>the behaviour of the compiler.
Most of the compilers I've dealt with on other platforms had no trouble
dealing with intra versus inter-section addressing. Guess that's what's 
me the trouble seeing it from your end. It's also the reason I prefer to 
in assembly language. If the compiler has a problem dealing with it, I sure
don't. With assembly, it does EXACTLY what I want it to.

I'll just accept what you say and chalk it up to limitations in the method
currently used for cpu-independent compilation. Thanks for helping try
to get me straight on this.

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