which motherboard and which chipset?

Haapanen, Tom tomh at waterloo.equitrac.com
Wed Feb 18 05:06:52 PST 2004

Andrew Gallatin:
> Thanks.  But are you saying the VIA K8T800 chipset is flakey too, and I 
> should only consider AMD-8000 based boards?  Just from scanning the 
> last month or so of archives, it looks like the bad hardware is pretty 
> evenly distributed across chipsets, but perhaps that's not enough 
> perspective.  I'm new here, after all..

Absolutely not saying that.  I don't have any experience with K8T800-based
boards at all.

But many people have been highly successful with the Tyan boards (I have
been running a K8S Pro-based server in production for more than two weeks
now, and the mysqld process is approaching 100 hours of CPU time.)  

So I am only suggesting them as an option ...


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