[Fwd: Re: Dual processor, AMD 64 machine freezing.]

Andreas Braukmann braukmann at tse-online.de
Mon Feb 2 15:03:53 PST 2004

--On Montag, 2. Februar 2004 23:23 Uhr +0100 Andreas Braukmann <braukmann at tse-online.de> wrote:

[ K8S problems ]
>>> http://www.snsonline.net/~sarge/mptable.out
> Same BIOS revision, but with SCSI and S-ATA enabled (currently
> without the aac) running 5.2RC2:
> mptable:
> <http://rnv2.tse-online.de/ab/k8s-amd64-52rc-mptable.txt>
> that's quite different from yours.
> dmesg:
> <http://rnv2.tse-online.de/ab/k8s-amd64-52rc.txt>

I've put an Adaptec 2120 in the box; the system is stable
and mptable and dmesg are as follows:


I wasn't able to redo my stress-tests on the machine, yet.
My former "test-array" went into production a few weeks
ago. (Tyan 2880 K8S, Adaptec 2200S, 2 GByte; running FreeBSD
i386 4.9-stable)


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