Dual processor, AMD 64 machine freezing.

Andreas Braukmann braukmann at tse-online.de
Sun Feb 1 15:42:29 PST 2004

On 02/02/04 09:19:33 +1000 Mark Sergeant wrote:
> 	I've just installed 5.2-RELEASE-AMD64 on a dual opteron 248 machine,
> with the following specs :
> Tyan Thunder Motherboard

Which model? There are several Thunder K8 Boards out there.
K8S, K8S Pro, K8W, etc. 

Furthermore: which BIOS Release?
I had trouble with all but the initial BIOS-Release for my
Thunder K8S (2880) Boards under i386-stable and i386-current
concerning interrupt routing issues (with and without ACPI).
I hope testing the various BIOS revisions under amd64-current
really soon.

> 2 x Opteron 248
> 2 x 1GB sticks PC 2700 ECC ram
> adaptec scsi raid card.
> raid 5 array + 1 hot spare.
> Motherboard has onboard video, dual intel gigabit nics (bge).

Intel or Broadcom? The "intel" nics would be em(4), the Broadcom
nics would be bge(4). The Thunder K8S comes with dual bge(4).
>From the dmesg-output your board looks like the K8S (2880).
You may try to downgrade your BIOS to V1.07.

> The last freeze I had it was a panic, but the majority of the time the
> machine completely locks up. Any help people can give me would be much
> appreciated, I can't even do a build world as it fails within 5 minutes
> of kicking off the buildworld.

Looks quite like an interrupt storm.

Do you mind showing the mptable output?

My boards where rock-stable with complete unconfigured nics; since
the culprit was a misrouted interrupt for the broadcoms. Sometimes
doing an ifconfig was sufficient to "halt" the machine, sometimes
I had to initiate a ftp transfer or other means to generate some
network traffic.


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