Dual processor, AMD 64 machine freezing.

Mark Sergeant msergeant at snsonline.net
Sun Feb 1 15:19:17 PST 2004

Howdy all,

	I've just installed 5.2-RELEASE-AMD64 on a dual opteron 248 machine,
with the following specs :

Tyan Thunder Motherboard
2 x Opteron 248
2 x 1GB sticks PC 2700 ECC ram
adaptec scsi raid card.
raid 5 array + 1 hot spare.
Motherboard has onboard video, dual intel gigabit nics (bge).

The output from the dmesg can be found on

The last freeze I had it was a panic, but the majority of the time the
machine completely locks up. Any help people can give me would be much
appreciated, I can't even do a build world as it fails within 5 minutes
of kicking off the buildworld.


Mark Sergeant <msergeant at snsonline.net>
SNSOnline Technical Services
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