x86 to amd64 build/upgrade path

Haapanen, Tom tomh at waterloo.equitrac.com
Sat Sep 20 09:37:37 PDT 2003

>> I'm running x86 version of 5.1 on a dual opteron box.
>> Is there going to be a (relatively painless) way to upgrade
>> this to the 64-bit kernel or should I plan on wiping the
>> machine and starting over?

> The latter.  I really see no reason to provide a lot of framework to do
> a 32-bit -> 64-bit upgrade.

Wouldn't much of the installation be identical, though, regardless of the
specific FreeBSD platform?  Filesystems, /etc and so on would have the same
format, would they not, making it maybe a relatively low-effort "overlay"
install rather than a fully supported upgrade?

At least I hope so ...

Tom Haapanen
(About to purchase a dual Opteron ...)

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