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Sun Jun 14 00:52:02 UTC 2020

On 6/13/20, Juan Lopez <jlopez104545 at> wrote:
> Good Evening Sir/Mam,
> I'm trying to clarify a couple of issues;

Hello, Juan --

> 1. I am trying to make a case of using FreeBSD as the primary system for
> use in health care, however when I searched online for examples of FreeBSD
> being used in health care, I found no examples or use cases.  Is there a
> particular reason why there are few instances of FreeBSD being used in the
> health care sector?

I think the issue is two-fold. FWIW, FreeBSD is only _known_ _of_ by
people deeply involved in coding, and that's why we have
freebsd-advocacy as a mailing list. Secondly, if a FOSS solution is
proposed, any who understand FOSS will quickly point to how much
easier something like Ubuntu is to get running.

> 2. What would be a reasonable way of providing evidence of using FreeBSD in
> such a case as this.  During meetings, it seems that every time an open
> source solution is suggested, all types of questions surrounding liability,
> support, implementation, etc. are brought up and it kills the idea before
> it can move forward and be taken into serious consideration.
Health care, especially in America, is already a really contentious
area, for all the reasons you just mentioned. It is a minefield in
which you risk getting blown up (and possibly losing your job) before
you get your foot in the door.

Doctors, especially, seem to think that their time is worth more than
anyone else's in the world, so it is a "tough row to hoe." I won't
even get into the insurance industry angle, for they are also "loaded
for bear." <wink> The shooting is already going on.

I would suggest that you try to be part of the solution by building up
and establishing on the Internet a FreeBSD-based server that solves a
particular need in the health care system. It could be a web server or
it could be a lower-level knowledge-caching system or it could be
both. Use your personal knowledge of your industry to identify a point
of pain and solve it. Don't make an insistent point of saying "it's
FreeBSD," make the point that it works and does something useful.

By doing so, you'll not only move the health care world forward,
you'll -- if you're smart -- set it up as a simple business venture
for which you get paid by everyone else in Healthcare!

> Excuse me if the issue was not asked on the proper mailing list for this
> matter, but it is important to find resources within the community who may
> provide insight into the matter.

Seems to me that this is the right mailing list on which to open the
question. :) Thank you for bringing it up! We all care about being

As you move forward, you'll also have question threads for -questions
(and -stable).
Don Wilde
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