Seeking Guidance and/or Clarification

Juan Lopez jlopez104545 at
Sat Jun 13 22:20:14 UTC 2020

Good Evening Sir/Mam,

I'm trying to clarify a couple of issues;

1. I am trying to make a case of using FreeBSD as the primary system for
use in health care, however when I searched online for examples of FreeBSD
being used in health care, I found no examples or use cases.  Is there a
particular reason why there are few instances of FreeBSD being used in the
health care sector?

2. What would be a reasonable way of providing evidence of using FreeBSD in
such a case as this.  During meetings, it seems that every time an open
source solution is suggested, all types of questions surrounding liability,
support, implementation, etc. are brought up and it kills the idea before
it can move forward and be taken into serious consideration.

Excuse me if the issue was not asked on the proper mailing list for this
matter, but it is important to find resources within the community who may
provide insight into the matter.

Thank you,

Juan Lopez

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