FreeBSD has a politics problem

Geheimnisse geheimnisse.atl at
Thu Mar 8 19:31:57 UTC 2018

Nope, Not a troll. Just protecting myself from alt-right creeps.

Let's see, where to begin? Unironically using the term "cuck" as in "CuckBSD". Check. Unironically using the term "red pill". Check.

Both of which are exclusively part of the alt-right lexicon.

So, FreeBSD may have a politics problem - an alt-right politics problem. Manchildren who cry any time something happens that isn't right-wing. They don't want "politics out of FreeBSD" regarding the CoC, they want a CoC that aligns with their alt-right values.

In conclusion, the alt-right can shut the hell up and move on to their next target. Leave FreeBSD alone, you neckbeard creeps.

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