DotNet Core on FreeBSD

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Mon Sep 11 04:59:30 UTC 2017

Hey Marcin,

So I just read the Contribution License Agreement and I didn't see
anything untoward.

Just remember all these projects are MIT, Apache 2 or CC license. I
think bringing this code into FreeBSD is a bonkers good idea. (Kaboom!
lolz). Especially if you think about how much proprietary code is out
there on Windows that people will want to protect. A FreeNAS style
management console would make FreeBSD a particularly attractive offer
over GPL licensed OSes for companies to create appliance style systems
(physical or virtual, a-la FreeNAS). Jails become yet another great
way to distribute proprietary code.

Sony PS 3&4, NetApp and now Nintendo Switch are all great examples of
what you can do with FreeBSD in a proprietary system.

Dot Net Core also opens up Arm based systems on FreeBSD in some ways
because it's specifically designed do be modular. I don't think Mono
has built on Arm for a long time and the performance of Mono has been
a problem of note.


On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Russell Haley <russ.haley at> wrote:
> Sorry for the top post,
> Marcin, can you expand on your thoughts about the contributor license? This has been one of the concerns of mine‎ (part of the pedanticism). I didn't get a chance to read the doc itself yet.
> Russ
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> On Sun, 10 Sep 2017, Russell Haley wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I am talking to Karel and Tomas at Microsoft's DotNet Core Team about
>> putting together a "proposal" for community involvement, which will be
>> followed by more information on this list. Most of the talk has been
>> me blowing air and being pedantic about nothing (I get excited and
>> type alot).
> I was tinkering around FreeBSD support when dotnet core was first published.
> Stack unwinding for exceptions was very hacky at the time, and there were
> some unnecessary discussions about how to implement some FreeBSD sepecific
> sysctl's. I got a bit frustrated with that (a whole porting effort is about
> coercing Unix to offer part of Win32 APIs).
> It was somewhat running on FreeBSD natively back then, haven't checked
> recently.
> I have also decided not to sign their bad contributor agreement
> and some of the sysctl code I decided to put in mono instead :)
> Marcin
> saper on github

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