BSD For Linux Users (update)

sib at sib at
Thu Feb 28 19:53:38 UTC 2013

Hi -advocacy, -chat, -doc. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this

Since I started using FreeBSD, it's been the go-to link to send to people
asking "why should I use BSD over Linux" or "what makes FreeBSD so great?"
or even just "what are the differences?"

I still send this link to new users because a lot of it has withstood the
test of time, and still applies to today's environment. However, there are
some things that have definitely changed in our OS that I think should be
added. This article really needs to be modernized to today's standards
with a list of updated tools and methods. I've tried contacting the person
who wrote it about getting it updated, even offering to do so myself, but
never got a reply.

My question to you: Would anyone here be interested in updating it (or
just helping a bit) to be more accurate with the modern FreeBSD world, and
has a place to host it that we can link to? I think this would really be a
nice improvement and help us teach more new users about how we do things.

Also, a few official pages on are growing a bit old
(references to CVS, etc.) and might need similar treatment:

FreeBSD: An Open Source Alternative to Linux
FreeBSD Quickstart Guide for Linux Users
Comparing BSD and Linux

I'm going to begin going through all of these pages in the next few days
and see what needs to be updated and how much work this will be, but I
would greatly appreciate any help from the community!

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