BAFUG meeting on 14 May 2009 from 7 - 10 PM @ Yahoo!, bldg E, room 9

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at
Wed May 6 13:01:32 UTC 2009

> [I posted last month's meeting announcement to freebsd-user-groups@;
> someone strongly suggested that I post to freebsd-advocacy@, so I'll try
> it.  My apologies to those not in the San Francisco Bay Area of
> California.  d]

Hi David,

I'm going to point to this email in the archives when
I tweet at @bsdevents as there isn't any info on the BAFUG website and
there seems to be a problem with the BAFUG mailing list archives. If
this is a monthly event, I'd like to tweet it monthly. Do you know
where the date and location are usually announced?



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