FreeBSD Presence at NYCBSDCon

Matt Olander matt at
Thu Mar 20 18:18:35 UTC 2008

On Mar 20, 2008, at 10:57 AM, Steven Kreuzer wrote:

> Greetings-
> I am writing on behalf of the admin team that is currently organizing
> NYCBSDCon 2008. We currently have Columbia University booked for  
> October
> 11th and 12th of this year and among everything else going on, I would
> like to get the ball rolling on FreeBSD's presence.
> In 2006, Alfred Perlstein and I had received donations from FreeBSD  
> Mall
> and everything we sold at the conference was donated to The FreeBSD
> Foundation. (Over $600 dollars)
> Check out the table we had setup:
> In 2006, we waited until the last minute to put that together the  
> table
> and to avoid the rush, I thought I would start reaching out to  
> people to
> see if they are interested in assisting.
> I am currently looking for people who are planning on attending the
> conference and would be interested in manning the table to sell  
> FreeBSD
> related products. In addition, I am looking for people who would be  
> able
> to reach out to FreeBSD vendors who may be willing to donate, or  
> provide
> us discounts on products that could be sold to raise money for the  
> FreeBSD
> foundation.
> Also, if you have any other ideas on thing we can have in terms of  
> demos
> and whatnot, please let me know. In 2006, the NetBSD team had a few  
> pieces
> of exotic hardware running NetBSD. It was pretty cool to watch a  
> dreamcast
> pxeboot of an ultra 2.
> Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Hi Steven,

We'll bring the FreeBSD booth backdrop, FreeBSD Mall goodies, and the  
beastie costume!


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