LinkedIn Group?

Erik Harperink hbharperink at
Sun Mar 9 18:15:34 UTC 2008

Op 9-mrt-2008, om 15:35 heeft Bob Van Valzah het volgende geschreven:

> Erik, I also found that the simple name "FreeBSD" could not be  
> used. I also took action and created "FreeBSD Users" which produced  
> the same 2 working day review mail. Will let you know how that goes.
> If that's accepted, I was thinking of also creating "FreeBSD  
> Contributor" and "FreeBSD Committer" as well.
> I've shrunken the standard logo down to sizes required by LinkedIn.  
> Perhaps it would be nice to have separate logos for FreeBSD User,  
> FreeBSD Contributor, and FreeBSD Committer? I've done a bit of  
> Googling to see if I could find the custom logo font produced by  
> Anton Gural, but no luck. Any pointers there would be appreciated.  
> Worst case, I suppose I could find some other font that's looks  
> reasonably nice with the logo.


I also tried not to use the name FreeBSD at all. I think it's ok to  
have two discussion groups with the samen topic on LinkedIn. If it's  
not ok I will have to join your group (or you'll have to join mine,  
just as the jury decides).

I guess you already know these links : 
Velsen and showing  
the cover of a history book published last year. A bestseller so they  


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