LinkedIn Group?

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sun Mar 9 09:42:39 UTC 2008

Le Dim  9 mar 08 à  1:38:06 +0100, Bob Van Valzah <bob at>
 écrivait :
> If there were a LinkedIn Group for FreeBSD, I'd join it. Groups are a  
> new thing on LinkedIn and they seem to be quite viral and good for  
> marketing to professionals. I see many FreeBSD committers already on  
> LinkedIn. It's likely that they'd join too. I almost created the group  
> myself, but I'm probably not a good maintainer for it. Not that it  
> requires much work. Somebody in Advocacy or Marketing should probably  
> look into creating a FreeBSD group. Just a tip.

Actually, such a group already exists! But we are waiting for LinkedIn
to complete their groups directory, before we publicize it.
Th. Thomas.
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