Lack of Flash support is no longer acceptable. Bounty established...

Julian Stacey jhs at
Fri Jun 20 12:28:05 UTC 2008

Wilko Bulte wrote:
> Quoting Julian Stacey, who wrote on Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 01:58:12PM +0200 ..
> > > From: John Kozubik <john at>
> > > I'm not trying to discount thier efforts, but Adobe makes an honest to god
> > > release version of flash for Linux, and FreeBSD runs linux binaries very
> > 
> > "honest to god" != Binary Crap !
> > No flash on my machines without public source, checkable for security.
> > (Unless maybe run in a jail/chroot)
> That is your view, others could very well be more pragmatic.  I would rather
> have the choice to have a *full working* binary-only Flash than what we 
> have now.

Agreed. Free choice for all. 
Personaly Flash is too much of a PITA for me with all its problems,
ever changing solutions on versions tools archs eg amd64, & risks.

> I appreciate that we would strongly prefer public source access, but I doubt
> that will ever happen for Flash.

Could well be. Similar reasons I totaly avoid Micro$oft, whereas
some use wine or native MS.

> I guess you also have not inspected the
> full source of (say) OO for security flaws ;-)

True, I only read sources to tweak code or where manuals are bad.
But fact of sources being public must discourage much evil minded
coding hiding in plain view ready for dicovery, where alerts will

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