Lack of Flash support is no longer acceptable. Bounty established...

Wilko Bulte wb at
Fri Jun 20 12:16:43 UTC 2008

Quoting Julian Stacey, who wrote on Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 01:58:12PM +0200 ..
> > From: John Kozubik <john at>
> > I'm not trying to discount thier efforts, but Adobe makes an honest to god
> > release version of flash for Linux, and FreeBSD runs linux binaries very
> "honest to god" != Binary Crap !
> No flash on my machines without public source, checkable for security.
> (Unless maybe run in a jail/chroot)

That is your view, others could very well be more pragmatic.  I would rather
have the choice to have a *full working* binary-only Flash than what we 
have now.

I appreciate that we would strongly prefer public source access, but I doubt
that will ever happen for Flash.  I guess you also have not inspected the
full source of (say) OO for security flaws ;-)


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