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Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Thu Nov 22 09:30:48 PST 2007

"David Naylor" wrote:
> I really, really must be missing something.  Could someone please
> explain this to me:
> Why use open source if you do not even compile from source.  All Linux

Some reasons some might choose to use Open Source based:
	Zero Purchase Price. 
	Zero wait time to purchase, Download now.
	Less Viruses or no viruses (Linux or BSD depending),
	Not first target of viruses
	Dont trust MicroShi*, (biggest ever fine imposed by EU on any 
				company for monopoly infringement: MS Inc).
	Want to look trendy by using Linux rather than MS
		(yes people like that do exist, even if not us).
	Different Licensing,
		If a colleague wants a copy, give him one legally
		immediately, no need to wait & buy one.
	Different Support Model,
		Per mail list is unpaid unguaranteed, 
		but global 24 hours a day people are awake & respond.
	Source available
		If bug fixes or enhancements later needed, can easily
		Pay a consultant to do it, Global Index:
		Can choose Any competing consultant, not dependent on
		just one software vendor who has access to closed source,
		but may not consider it his priority.
	Security, Peace of mind:
		Code can be read by many, loopholes exposed & fixed,
		not hidden & left open.
	16,000 odd packages, mostly free from ports/ many not on MS.

Even if not all have time/ skill/ interest/ to personally compile all used,
encourage people to use open source based, for the warm fuzzy feeling
they're doing the right thing.  even if they're not personally learnt yet
quite Why it's good to be open source based :-)

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