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Sdävtaker sdavtaker at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 05:58:03 PST 2007

I want to ad some details...

Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> "David Naylor" wrote:
>> I really, really must be missing something.  Could someone please
>> explain this to me:
>> Why use open source if you do not even compile from source.  All Linux
> Some reasons some might choose to use Open Source based:
> 	Zero Purchase Price. 
That is the price of freeware, not opensource.
Open source means you get the original code, there is a lot of people 
who sells software opensource (as example some software developed by IBM 
are really expensive but opensource)
> 	Zero wait time to purchase, Download now.
You can download binaries too...
> 	Less Viruses or no viruses (Linux or BSD depending),
No viruses, you really put a lot of faith here!
> 	Not first target of viruses
Agree :-)
> 	Dont trust MicroShi*, (biggest ever fine imposed by EU on any 
> 				company for monopoly infringement: MS Inc).
> 	Want to look trendy by using Linux rather than MS
> 		(yes people like that do exist, even if not us).
> 	Different Licensing,
> 		If a colleague wants a copy, give him one legally
> 		immediately, no need to wait & buy one.
You can do that with Sharewares too.
> 	Different Support Model,
> 		Per mail list is unpaid unguaranteed, 
> 		but global 24 hours a day people are awake & respond.
> 	Source available
> 		If bug fixes or enhancements later needed, can easily
> 		Pay a consultant to do it, Global Index:
> 			http://berklix.com/consultants/
> 		Can choose Any competing consultant, not dependent on
> 		just one software vendor who has access to closed source,
> 		but may not consider it his priority.
> 	Security, Peace of mind:
> 		Code can be read by many, loopholes exposed & fixed,
> 		not hidden & left open.
> 	16,000 odd packages, mostly free from ports/ many not on MS.
Yes, but you miss some great products sometimes... The one i can 
remember now is VMware, they not porting it to BSD only works in windows 
and linux, and the linux version got limited functionallity.
> Even if not all have time/ skill/ interest/ to personally compile all used,
> encourage people to use open source based, for the warm fuzzy feeling
> they're doing the right thing.  even if they're not personally learnt yet
> quite Why it's good to be open source based :-)
Personally, I think binaries are just time-saving, last time i compiled 
KDE was a couple of days... and I didnt use any extraweird option, now i 
download binaries for that.

See ya around.

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