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I believe a lot of it depends on your needs.   I've installed dedicated DNS and web servers before that didn't require anything other than the binaries included on the install CDs and a few security patches.

Another factor might be convenience.   When I can use pkg_add to pull down a pre-compiled version of a program that remains more-or-less static (in terms of its development pace), why bother with the time, disk space, and potential issues involved with installing from ports?  (For the record, I realize that the ports system is second-to-none in terms of reliability).

There are other reasons as well, but I think you get the idea... ;-)

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I really, really must be missing something.  Could someone please
explain this to me:
Why use open source if you do not even compile from source.  All Linux
distributions (with the exception of Gentoo which was inspired by
FreeBSD) distributes binary packages for primary consumption.  What is
the difference between that and using Windows binary programs?  In
both cases the source code does not take a part...

I must admit that FreeBSD does distribute binary packages however it
is much easier (both to compile and stay updated) to use Ports.  I
have not touched a binary package since RELENG_6_0, everything is now
compiled.  I get all the software I want with all the options I wish
to have and all of it compiles and runs without a problem (even with
-O2 set :-)

Thank you for a great unified project: FreeBSD

Have a good day


P.S. Did I mention that the FreeBSD kernel does compile without a
problem, the Linux kernel (even using GENERIC or the equivalent) never
compiled cleanly and sometimes did not even run!!!
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