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Tue Nov 20 14:00:55 PST 2007

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> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Gregory W. MacPherson wrote:
>> > Perhaps if the *BSD community would mirror some of these behaviors then
>> > *BSD (which technically is superior to an LINUX) would receive this type
>> > of press. Perhaps...but not likely.
> Let's discuss this here... My comments below. I remove the original 
> content since I don't have permission to redistribute it.

I will add some comments...

>> > 1. Users Love It
> FreeBSD doesn't offer a "fresh but familiar GUI environment" like Ubuntu 
> in its default install. Different ouside projects compete to do this with 
> different goals.

I tried it, i didnt love it... Actually, it only ran in 1 PC at my 
office, all others said "segmentation fault, kernel panic" because Via 
micros are not supported (We got those in the desktops to save money...).

>> > 2. The Platform Has Excellent Support
> No single company backs FreeBSD and there is no official source of 
> commercial FreeBSD support contracts. (By the way, I have been providing 
> professional FreeBSD contracts and support for over seven years.)

There is no companies to Back FreeBSD, but there is a lot of people 
backing *BSD projects and giving *BSD paid support.
Plus, you got some big communities of mailling lists and stuff to ask.

>> > 3. Cost Savings
> Of course FreeBSD is free. As for SLA, see #2 above.

As I see it, FreeBSD is even more free than Ubuntu since the BSD 
license, I code all my projects under that kind of license, no 
restrictions on the coding merge, GNU is too imperialist, "one day 
everything will be GNU, becouse we got a damn recursive license"

>> > 4. A Superlative Security Record
> What studies? How can FreeBSD be evaluated by same studies? (Or has it?)
> FreeBSD can say same (s/Linux/BSD Unix/).

I wasnt going to reply this mail until i had read this one, oh man, i 
couldnt contain my laugh!!!!
Linux based distribution rated number one on security? did u try do the 
test with OpenBSD, DragonFly or even Darwin? come on...
Who was in that test? windows, linux and BeOS(not mantained since 5 
years ago)?

>> > 5. Frictionless Deployment
> Depends on your needs. FreeBSD installs very fast and easy for many needs. 
> For other needs, it is very slow and tedious (depending on 
> knowledge/experience). See #1.
> Also this makes no sense to me. Different environments for testing, 
> development and production to me usually has nothing to do with license 
> fees.

Only thing becouse it is cheapa is becouse they dont code it, it is a 
big bag with a lot of softwares from other projects, a big config setup 
and a bootable CD, you can run PCBSD and you will have something like 
that too.

>> > 6. A Huge Selection of Applications and Tools
> FreeBSD also has huge collection of packages. In Ubuntu (Debian) many 
> software suites are divided up into multiple packages (clients, servers, 
> development headers, shared libraries, documentation, etc.).
> FreeBSD's default install is very light so is a good starting point for 
> many.

What operating system doesnt have it? Minix?

>> > 7. Thin Client Joy
> FreeBSD can be a thin client and can be a thin client server.

Cool you got an X-server... who doesnt?

>> > 8. Unleash Your IT Talent
> FreeBSD is open source and free and has community participation and 
> collaboration. The source code and documentation changes can easily be 
> evaluated.
>> > 9. Access A Whole New Skills Pool


Oh I see... They talking about linux coming to free the world...
Just propaganda.

>> > 10. Predictable Releases
> Many like a consistent schedule for new releases. FreeBSD also has 
> policies on how long to maintain previous releases. Note that FreeBSD base 
> and ports have different update policies. Depending on how FreeBSD 
> updates are done, it can be easy.

100% agree.

>   Jeremy C. Reed


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