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Tue Nov 20 19:27:29 PST 2007

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> freebsd-advocacy-request at freebsd.org escribió:
> > On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Gregory W. MacPherson wrote:
> >> > Perhaps if the *BSD community would mirror some of these
> behaviors then
> >> > *BSD (which technically is superior to an LINUX) would receive
> this type
> >> > of press. Perhaps...but not likely.
> > 
> > Let's discuss this here... My comments below. I remove the original
> > content since I don't have permission to redistribute it.
> I will add some comments...
> >> > 1. Users Love It
> > 
> > FreeBSD doesn't offer a "fresh but familiar GUI environment" like
> Ubuntu 
> > in its default install. Different ouside projects compete to do
> this with 
> > different goals.
> I tried it, i didnt love it... Actually, it only ran in 1 PC at my 
> office, all others said "segmentation fault, kernel panic" because
> Via 
> micros are not supported (We got those in the desktops to save
> money...).
> >> > 2. The Platform Has Excellent Support
> > 
> > No single company backs FreeBSD and there is no official source of 
> > commercial FreeBSD support contracts. (By the way, I have been
> providing 
> > professional FreeBSD contracts and support for over seven years.)
> There is no companies to Back FreeBSD, but there is a lot of people 
> backing *BSD projects and giving *BSD paid support.
> Plus, you got some big communities of mailling lists and stuff to
> ask.
> >> > 3. Cost Savings
> > 
> > Of course FreeBSD is free. As for SLA, see #2 above.
> As I see it, FreeBSD is even more free than Ubuntu since the BSD 
> license, I code all my projects under that kind of license, no 
> restrictions on the coding merge, GNU is too imperialist, "one day 
> everything will be GNU, becouse we got a damn recursive license"
> >> > 4. A Superlative Security Record
> > 
> > What studies? How can FreeBSD be evaluated by same studies? (Or has
> it?)
> > 
> > FreeBSD can say same (s/Linux/BSD Unix/).
> I wasnt going to reply this mail until i had read this one, oh man, i
> couldnt contain my laugh!!!!
> Linux based distribution rated number one on security? did u try do
> the 
> test with OpenBSD, DragonFly or even Darwin? come on...
> Who was in that test? windows, linux and BeOS(not mantained since 5 
> years ago)?
> >> > 5. Frictionless Deployment
> > 
> > Depends on your needs. FreeBSD installs very fast and easy for many
> needs. 
> > For other needs, it is very slow and tedious (depending on 
> > knowledge/experience). See #1.
> > 
> > Also this makes no sense to me. Different environments for testing,
> > development and production to me usually has nothing to do with
> license 
> > fees.
> Only thing becouse it is cheapa is becouse they dont code it, it is a
> big bag with a lot of softwares from other projects, a big config
> setup 
> and a bootable CD, you can run PCBSD and you will have something like
> that too.
> >> > 6. A Huge Selection of Applications and Tools
> > 
> > FreeBSD also has huge collection of packages. In Ubuntu (Debian)
> many 
> > software suites are divided up into multiple packages (clients,
> servers, 
> > development headers, shared libraries, documentation, etc.).
> > 
> > FreeBSD's default install is very light so is a good starting point
> for 
> > many.
> What operating system doesnt have it? Minix?
> >> > 7. Thin Client Joy
> > 
> > FreeBSD can be a thin client and can be a thin client server.
> Cool you got an X-server... who doesnt?
> >> > 8. Unleash Your IT Talent
> > 
> > FreeBSD is open source and free and has community participation and
> > collaboration. The source code and documentation changes can easily
> be 
> > evaluated.
> > 
> >> > 9. Access A Whole New Skills Pool
> ?
> Oh I see... They talking about linux coming to free the world...
> Just propaganda.
> >> > 10. Predictable Releases
> > 
> > Many like a consistent schedule for new releases. FreeBSD also has 
> > policies on how long to maintain previous releases. Note that
> FreeBSD base 
> > and ports have different update policies. Depending on how FreeBSD 
> > updates are done, it can be easy.
> 100% agree.
> >   Jeremy C. Reed
> Damian

 I work with a bunch of code developers who work with Linux. My take on
this is:
 (stands on tiny soap box)

 1) Frankly there are a bunch of Pc's the run with linux and don't with
BSD and vice versa. It's luck of the draw.

 2) We are a FreeBSD shop, with people who work from home. They all
have decided to develop using linux instead, even though the code will
run on FreeBSD based servers.  Why?....

 With linux they say, and yes they all love Ubunto and Debian, they
click a few buttons and say "make we a web server with an x interface"
and poof that is what they have. No having to install ports or, well,
actually think about anything. Their biggest saying is "we're code
writers (perl) not sysadmins. They feel BSD is "better" but more for
sysadmins to deal with. They want to click some buttons and go and they
feel Ubunto/debian gives this too them much more. Basicly a vending
machine OS. They get twinkies rather than good food and thats just ok
with them. (despite my contant reminders of pkg_add, etc)

 Also, as usual, they might try BSD but manage to have one of those
PC's that BSD doesn't support well, and just give up without really
trying, as long as linux installs pain free. (altho I think its more
than this, they really just like the Debian "ports/pkg_add" type system
better for whatever reason)
 Thus it brings me back to something I told Jordon Hubbard years ago.
FreeBSD should split into the junk food twinkie experience - give me X
and a server of some sort with a few mouse clicks, I don't care how
bloated and bad it is camp - and the Fine Dining, A-la-cart experience.
Serious servers with no bloat and only installing what you want. True
BSD. This would be the best way to compete with the Ubunto type of

 Sadly, just as McDonalds is not your fine dining experience, there is
one on almost every block and they keep growing. Despite how bad they
are, people are just fine with that.

 (gets off tiny  soap box)

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