Dell is asking what free OS to preinstall

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Wed Mar 14 18:41:49 UTC 2007

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> On 3/14/07, Tim Clewlow <tim1timau at> wrote:
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> > --- "Peter A. Giessel" <pgiessel at> wrote:
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> > > Dell is actually asking what Linux Distro to install, but if
> enough of us
> > > ask for preinstalled FreeBSD, it might get them thinking about
> FreeBSD and
> > > looking into providing support and especially drivers in the
> future.
> > >
> > > It can't hurt anyway :)
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> > I believe the point of the OP is to raise awareness of FreeBSD in
> the dell
> > survey - so choosing option f and then typing in FreeBSD would seem
> to be the
> > way to do this.
> >
> >
> Wrong time wrong place. Not voting for Ubuntu/Debian is the same as
> voting against it. In this respect it can hurt us very much. Why
> throw
> away your vote when you could vote for a group with the same
> philosophical and political views as us? You need to realize that the
> survey statistician is going to throw out the votes for FreeBSD.

 That is a totally defeatist belief.  The only votes any statistician
will "throw out" are the small anomolies. So yes, if FreeBSD is 1% of
the votes, then yes it "may" get tossed. But then, if all of us only
equal 1% or some small percentage, I would not consider any votes you
make for some linux to statistically matter either.

 *Warning standing on soap box*
 FreeBSD has become a 3rd class OS because long ago it was decided
Linux support was still open software support and FreeBSD never pressed
for driver support or more awareness in general. Because FreeBSD has
such a do it our-self attitude, it has become more unknown within
companies.  Heck, I often find better support within FreeBSD for
products that "do not officially support FreeBSD" than I do with their
"official" drivers.  

 Why? Because we are not well known enough and FreeBSD user companies
do not demand "official support". Which propagates the problem, since
all you see on supported OS pages are sometimes everything but FreeBSD.
So there is even less exposure. Yet we have great support for that

 So Vote FreeBSD! Get the word out. Make it the Write-in candidate! 

 Or, just vote for some linux and hope that we can tag along....

 *steps off soap box*



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