Dell is asking what free OS to preinstall

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Wed Mar 14 17:16:38 UTC 2007

Nikolas Britton wrote:

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> .... You need to realize that the
> survey statistician is going to throw out the votes for FreeBSD.

probably true.

it is well known that
   surveys can be intentionally constructed to produce
   results that "confirm" the survey company's client's desired outcome.

i do not know that this is the case here;
   rather, i am stating my suspicion of surveys and polls in general,
   including the ones taken on election day
   [ i'm from chicago ].

dell is flakking linux because "linux" is the b_school buzzword
   of which non_geek_aware managers are aware.
i am not being disparaging of managers;
   it's just the way things are.

rather than fooling around with this survey method,
   has any --sufficiently_senior-- freebsd person written to dell, inc. directly,
   right to the top of the company,
   businessman to businessman,
   using snail_mail,
   proposing that freebsd be added to their list of options?
if, as i believe, freebsd is a superior product compared to the linuces and
   if, as i believe, freebsd is a lower cost product as well,
   then the freebsd os ought to sell itself.
if freebsd is better and cheaper than all of the alternatives,
   then dell, inc. should be making freebsd its default non_doze os
   [ for those who prefer a non_doze os ],
   simply because it's a sound business decision.

in addition to this,
   have any of we serfs thought to write to dell, inc. directly,
   using snail_mail,
   using letterhead, if we've got it,
   telling them about how much work it is to
   remove the pre_installed [ insert your favorite os name here ] system and
   install freebsd in its place
   [ after all, that --is-- what we're doing, isn't it ? ],
   because it is better at/for [ insert your reason list here ]?
has anyone thought of telling them
   how many --more-- of their pre_fab boxen or 'topen we would buy,
   for in_house use or resale,
   if only we didn't have to do so much work
   [ after all, time --is-- money, isn't it ? ]?

everybody and their grandmother in lower_slobovia has email these days.
email can be filtered; it might not get there from here.
because so few people use snail_mail for correspondencs anymore,
   it has acquired the desirable characteristic of "punch".

it has to be handled.

just a thought.


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