Google tech talk: "How the FreeBSD Project Works"

Axel S. Gruner liste at
Wed Jul 4 12:40:28 UTC 2007

Julian H. Stacey schrieb:
> Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 03, 2007 at 08:15:23PM +0100, Robert Watson wrote:
>>> While at Google a couple of weeks ago, I gave my "How the FreeBSD Project 
>>> Works" talk.  The video from that is now online:
> This is a Problematic Page
> Problems accessing with these browsers:
> 	Mozilla	consistently crashes when I view this web page.
> 		(hang on transferring, page refresh fails on X page change)
> 	Dillo	I dont see how to start download.
> 	Mosaic	I dont see how to start download.
> 	Amaya	I dont see how to start download.
> 	Chimera	"Could not load the first document because the document did not exist or the URL was incorrect."
> 	Amaya 	reports parsing errors (but log empty) (but that an old 
> 		binary based on 6.1 tree, lib problem not impossible)
> 	Kazekahase	First browser I tried that shows frames & enormous
> 			empty frame with 
> 				"Click to download a plug in"
> 			Which when clicked does nothing.
> 			Finally one's eye finds a small download
> 			button off to right & download starts for
> 			14516e2c0a7543a1.avi.avi.part
>>> This is the same talk I've given previously at EuroBSDCon, AsiaBSDCon, 
>>> UKUUG, and LinuxForum in the last six motnhs; it's significantly enhanced 
>>> from the version that I gave at BSDCan last year (the first time I gave it).
>> Nice one! I've linked it at
> & at
> Would be nice if webmaster at maintained a central index

Use for downloading the flash movie in another format.
Also VLC and/or mplayer should run flash movies.



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