sysinstall vs BSD Installer

Jona Joachim walkingshadow at
Sat Feb 17 03:01:31 UTC 2007

There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether sysinstall 
should be replaced or not.
The purpose of sysinstall is to initially install FreeBSD and it serves 
this purpose quite well. However sysinstall is also the first thing a 
new user gets to see of FreeBSD. People which are used to shiny Linux 
Live CDs with Framebuffer boot sequences and all the jewelry are shoked 
when they are confronted with the ncurses interface and walk away most 
of the time. This is a pity because you really use the installer once 
every couple of years and it says nothing about the OS.
Would it be worth considering to provide the BSD Installer [1] as an 
alternate choice to sysinstall for a default FreeBSD installation?
I'm sure several people already thought of it and it might be 
interesting to hear their conclusions.



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