sysinstall vs BSD Installer

Julian Stacey jhs at
Sat Feb 17 12:38:28 UTC 2007

> Would it be worth considering to provide the BSD Installer [1] as an 
> alternate choice to sysinstall for a default FreeBSD installation?
> I'm sure several people already thought of it and it might be 
> interesting to hear their conclusions.

That would be a decision for release engineers on re at,
I'd think they would react:
	"How many bytes would that cost on boot floppy & cdrom ?"
_If_ some space, maybe they might then debate which installer[s].

If you want to make the proposal, re@ would probably want you to
analyse space for installer & all libs on each (& which libs were
already on boot flop ).  It could be there might only be room for
a small extra CLI type installer, perhaps like NETBSD had last I
looked, & like FreeBSD had pre [libcurses ?]

A blind person asked about installers a month ago & I recall similar
Q. years back shortly after the curses thing arrived. Back then the
answer was: get a sighted person to install it, or if you only have
a simple line to braille type adaptor, NetBSD CLI installer (ending
with Net not Free installed).

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