The sorry state of open source today

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at
Fri Apr 20 07:11:39 UTC 2007

--- Matt Olander <matt at> wrote:
> It seems more like legitimate debate going on to me ;-)

Legitimate, granted. But I was hurt by the way he has put things.
Imagine how it is to have a blog with almost 2,900 posts written by me since
Aug. 12, 2005. This makes an average of 4.6 posts/day. From the 4,230
comments posted by readers over the time, some of them were very offensive
(hundreds), but just figure it that I had to reject hundreds of _very_
offensive comments.

I must be tired and writing such a polemical `feature' (essay) in 3 days was
exhausting. I was then very much surprised to see that the most coherent
attack (on both me and Jem -- `The sorry state of The Jem Report', remember?)
is coming from a FreeBSD developer.

> FYI, the FreeBSD Foundation has not yet signed off

Well, with or without the Flash agreement, 99.999% of the users will find
their way.

Thanks for your clarifications,

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