Why FreeBSD Trolls Suck

FreeBSD Sucks freebsdsucks at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 27 00:36:33 UTC 2006

So I wanted to apologize for sending such an angry email to this list, 
especially without giving more detail as was mentioned in the Milo Hyson 
email response.  I had spent some time not being able to use FreeBSD as a 
stable workstation because of hardware compatibility issues on a Gateway 
machine.  During that time I had been forced to run Windows or Linux as my 
desktop which sucks.  I bought a new Dell E521 machine with a pretty vanilla 
hardware spec, and didn’t before I bought it check to see if FreeBSD would 
support it.  This is my fault, but in my defense at this stage in the game 
you’d think FreeBSD would support things like USB, SATA drives, CD-ROMS, etc 
especially when I'm running 5.x and 6.x on my servers at work.

When my machine came in I was very excited to start installing FreeBSD so I 
could once again have a real workstation.  I tried installing 6.1 amd64 and 
it crashed before it even finished loading.  It crashed because of USB 
issues.  I unplugged the keyboard and then it hung on the SATA drive.  I had 
problems with amd and non-amd branches ranging from 5.x and 6.x.  So I 
burned a 7.0 install disc and it still crashed if the USB keyboard was 
plugged in, but at least didn’t hang on the SATA drive.  Go to install and 
the CD-ROM is not recognized (though I’m sitting in sysinstall because I 
booted from disc). So I ended up FTP’ing 6.2-Beta2 and actually made it 
through the install. Yay!

But now I can’t reboot my machine with the mouse or keyboard plugged into 
it, I can’t use my cd-rom, the sound doesn’t work and my mouse freezes all 
the time making this another desktop that I can’t run FreeBSD on.  I’m not 
new to this OS and I have spent more time than I care to recall hacking 
through these issues, rewriting code and so on.  And during the 4.x years 
and even 5.x I accepted this and moved on.  But at this stage in the game I 
figured that the OS would be at a point where it could handle a vanilla 
spec’d Dell.  I’m willing to blame Gateway, I’m willing to blame Dell, if it 
weren’t for the fact that I can install several versions of Linux and 
Windows with no issues.  It's hard convincing people to switch from Windows 
or Linux when you can't even install the OS on a generic PC.

I don’t want to run Windows, I don’t want to run Linux, I just wanted a 
freakin BSD box again.  So yeah, I was really pissed and yes I acted like a 
troll.  I apologize for that, but I still stand behind the fact that at this 
stage in the game, after all these years these types of fundamental issues 
should not be happening and while it’s lame to flame the mailing list 
because of my frustration its even more lame I don’t get to run FreeBSD.  
And what really sucks is finally getting new people to check out this OS I 
have been pushing only to find they can't use if if they want a keyboard, or 
a mouse or a cd-rom or a sound card installed.

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