letter writing for FreeBSD support

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 23:19:23 UTC 2006

Hello, I've been talking with someone else here, and on a few other
groups, and I'd like to try a letter writing campaign to Toshiba to
try to get them to produce either open source drivers for the quirky
parts of their notebooks, or if that is not possible, closed source
drivers so that FreeBSD can run on them. I was wondering what the
thoughts where here? The individual I've been emailing with (another
[various]@freebsd.org poster), and he suggested this:

> Do you think it'd be useful to send to advocacy@ for comments? They will
> probably know a trick or two or correct things we've missed... then maybe send
> openly to questions + mobile + multimedia.... wdyt?

My letter template:

Dear sir/ma'am

   I have read/heard several reports as to the quality of product and
support for Toshiba notebooks. However, I have also read/heard many
reports of their lack of driver support with non-Windows operating
systems such as Linux and BSD. Unfortunately, I use _______ and would
likely have compatibility issues with your product. Nonetheless I feel
that your product would be a good option for my future purposes, if
this area were fixed. Additionally the better driver support could
help increase your market share, and defend the share that you have
against other manufacturers who have good first or third party support
for these operating systems (such as Dell and Lenovo).
   I am writing to request that you take one or more of the following
actions, so that I myself, and other can find your otherwise excellent
notebooks and service a viable option:

a. Provide open source drivers for one or more open source operating
systems, preferably Linux or BSD
b. Provide sufficient documentation of Toshiba hardware so that
drivers can be written by the open source community
c. If your IP protection requires it, or you license external IP that
requires it, create closed source drivers for at least Linux and the
various incarnations of BSD.
c. If your IP protection requires it, or you license external IP that
requires it, create closed source binary blobs with documented OS
independent accession methods (such that any x86 operating system
could execute the blobs, even if machine level entry is required), and
document the method needed to access these entry points.

Thank you for your time




-Jim Stapleton

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