EV1 Servers makes me sick

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Tue Oct 3 04:53:22 PDT 2006

On 10/2/06, telmnstr at 757.org <telmnstr at 757.org> wrote:
> >> EV1Servers has never been a major supporter of FreeBSD -- back when
> >> they were RackShack, it took a petition of several hundred people
> >> before they started offering FreeBSD at all.
> >> I wonder if they'll start offering more recent FreeBSD releases next
> >> month after FreeBSD 5.4 becomes unsupported...
> The real issue is, the Linux distros like redhat have a nice, good, easy,
> way to kick the machine on auto as far as major security patches.

Easy yes. Nice,  and good?  Define  Nice, or Good. On RH in particular,
you're stuck with either not getting fixes you want or need, or getting
potentially unstable ones.

In the mainstream world, there is most likely little demand for FreeBSD.
> Most people probably don't care so much about the OS, it's more about the
> apps. And I believe Linux handles JAVA servers better, and JAVA is the
> modern language of business.

FreeBSD, and Linux both have binary java packages, as well as the ability to
compile Java from source. Support on each is pretty much equal at this

In the end, the costs of supporting BSD might be high, in comparison to
> Linux.
> What could FreeBSD do? How about a system similiar to that offered by
> RedHat, or Microsoft's "Windows Update" where major packages are
> automatically tracked and updated when there is a flaw?

Already exists.

I'm not trying to knock BSD, although I admit many of my friends who were
> hardcore BSD people were alienated with 5.x and 6.x, and have mostly left
> for Linux or NetBSD. I do appreciate what the FreeBSD team does, but the
> fact is it got a bit too hectic.

Heh. NetBSD and Linux are *less* hectic? On the NetBSD side, there's not
particularily workable, performance-wise SMP support, or any of the app
stuff you talked about above. On Linux, Its painfully rare for any of the
vendors involved to patch unless a PoC exploit has been written for their
distribution, regardless of what's being exploited.

Just random thoughts.

Every time you spread baseless FUD, Beastie dies a little more on the

--- Harrison

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