EV1 Servers makes me sick

telmnstr at 757.org telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Oct 3 12:32:13 PDT 2006

> Easy yes. Nice,  and good?  Define  Nice, or Good. On RH in particular,
> you're stuck with either not getting fixes you want or need, or getting
> potentially unstable ones.

Okay, maybe I went to far with nice.

But these are the things that make it in the enterprise.

> FreeBSD, and Linux both have binary java packages, as well as the ability to
> compile Java from source. Support on each is pretty much equal at this
> point.

They do, but the majority of support is going to be on the Linux side. I 
don't know about speed comparisons (Well, "JAVA" and "Speed" don't 
generally belong in the same sentence).

> Heh. NetBSD and Linux are *less* hectic? On the NetBSD side, there's not
> particularily workable, performance-wise SMP support, or any of the app
> stuff you talked about above. On Linux, Its painfully rare for any of the
> vendors involved to patch unless a PoC exploit has been written for their
> distribution, regardless of what's being exploited.

I realize NetBSD looses on the SMP tip. IIRC Linux is ahead of FreeBSD in 
regards to SMP, giant locked FreeBSD? I haven't checked out Dragonfly yet. 
When in doubt with multiproc, Solaris x86 10.

> Every time you spread baseless FUD, Beastie dies a little more on the
> inside,
> --- Harrison

I wouldn't call it FUD. I'm just pointing out what I see as issues. I'd 
rather run BSD over Linux, and generally do. But Linux has advantages, and 
is in widespread (and growing quickly) corporate use. It is hard to avoid, 
and there are some good ideas in place. Nothing wrong with copying them 
and doing it better.

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