EV1 Servers makes me sick

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 11:21:40 PDT 2006

Things that makes me nuts.

I have heard before about EV1 saying foolishes about FreeBSD,
specially a big stupid stuff regarding PHP on FreeBSD, now it just
happened to me.

I asked to install the system with FreeBSD 6 instead of their default
5.4. And what I got as a response?

"if your server is re-imaged with 6.0 vs the 5.4 version currently
installed we will not be able to support this. We have found that the
versions after 5.4 are inherantly unstable. Please let us know what
course of action you would like to take."

I could not believe it.

It is not a question. I just had to shout about it.

I plan to switch from EV1 to PAIR or NYI if they don't reply to me
with an acceptable response. I'll have a meeting with my directors
about it later this aftertoon. It made me sick.

Eduardo Meyer
pessoal: dudu.meyer at gmail.com
profissional: ddm.farmaciap at saude.gov.br

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