OSCON booth

Dru dlavigne6 at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 3 08:23:30 PDT 2006

A *BSD booth has been secured for the exhibition hall at this year's 
OSCON. The hall is open for traffic Wednesday July 26 and Thursday July 27 
at the Convention Center in Portland, OR.

We would like to see participation from all of the BSD projects and 
foundations as we have received very positive feedback regarding *BSD 
booths from last year's OSCON and this year's LinuxWorld and Linuxtag.

OSCON asks us to provide a list of those who will be helping to man the 
booth. If you are in the Portland area during OSCON and would like to 
assist with the booth, please reply.

If you can't attend but have *BSD related swag to donate for the booth, 
reply to discuss delivery arrangements.

We are also in dire need of decent looking booth banners and would 
appreciate any assistance in this area.



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