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On 1/4/06, Larry Rosenman <ler at> wrote:
> I was asked the following question, and didn't know where to turn:
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> So, can anybody point me to some adoption statistics about BSD?
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> I'd like to help my $EMPLOYER support FreeBSD, but that question keeps
> coming up.
> Any help here?

Security through obscurity etc... You and the world don't need to know
what's behind the curtain.... I bet most administrators agree with
this and is one of the many reasons the BSD userbase is hard to pin
down. It also doesn't help market share that you could setup a BSD box
and it will run forever, without any help from you. I have BSD boxes
running at clients locations that they don't even know about. I just
throw it in a closet and let it run. Anyways I compiled some stuff
that might help you:

"The site is hosted with Yahoo, which is the largest user
of FreeBSD among hosting companies, with more than 261k active sites.
FreeBSD has secured a strong foothold with the hosting community and
continues to grow, gaining over a million hostnames and half a million
active sites since July 2003. The reason for this is FreeBSD's
deployment with the operators of shared hosting systems, where tens
and even hundreds of thousands of sites are collectively administered
as part of a single system." -Netcraft

Mac OS X is, without question, a BSD operating system. It has very
strong ties to FreeBSD, 4.4BSD, and the other BSD implementations.
It's global market share is estimated to be between 3 and 5%, Linux
based systems have yet to beat Apples market share.
"The FreeBSD operating system is the unknown giant among free
operating systems. Starting out from the 386BSD project, it is an
extremely fast UNIX(r)-like operating system mostly for the Intel(r)
chip and its clones. In many ways, FreeBSD has always been the
operating system that GNU/Linux(r)-based operating systems should have
been." -IBM

FreeBSD's Mirrors (that run FreeBSD servers):
ACS Ltd.
Assertive Technologies Inc.
African Network Information Center
Business Communication Agency, Ltd.
CHINANET Hunan province network
Charles University
Colegio das Artes
Dansk Unix-system Bruger Gruppe
Dataphone Communication Networks
Democritus University of Thrace
Easynet Limited
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Gamma Ltd.
Global Center Japan
HKNet Company Limited
Hoshin Gigamedia Center Inc.
Hostarica, S.A.
Intercom Online, Inc.
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc
IsproNET Internet Services
Korea Telecom
Kopings Kabel-TV AB
University of Vienna
Lucky Net Ltd.
Lulea Institute of Technology
Micronet, Inc.
Marmara University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AS MicroLink Holdings
Miskolci Egyetem / University of Miskolc
NTT America, Inc.
National Technical University of Athens
NeoWiz Corp
Netcrew ry Helsinki Finland
Northern Taiwan Community University
PLiG Organisation
PT Cyberindo Aditama / CBN
Pavilion Internet plc
QiX Limited
RCN Corporation
SAS Institute
SURIS/RHnet Iceland University Research Network
Samsung Networks
Center for Scientific Research in Chernogolovka
SPRI (Sociedad para la Promocion y Reconversion Industrial)
TANet (Taiwan Academic Network)
Tau Ceti Co-operative Limited
Technische Universitaet Clausthal, Rechenzentrum
Telstra Corporation Limited
Tiscali S.p A.
Tomato Interactive S.r.l.
UUNET Technologies, Inc.
UkrNet Ltd.
Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires
Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Université d'Angers
University of Manchester
University of Tromso
University of Virginia
VIA NET.WORKS Nederland B.V.
Viawest Internet Services
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Yahoo Inc.
n at work Internet Informationssysteme GmbH

pair Networks

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