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Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Jan 5 04:43:42 PST 2006

Larry Rosenman wrote:

>I was asked the following question, and didn't know where to turn:
>So, can anybody point me to some adoption statistics about BSD?
>I'd like to help my $EMPLOYER support FreeBSD, but that question keeps
>coming up.
>Any help here?

Canonical examples include Yahoo! and Walnut Creek CDROM,
which ran the largest FTP server in the world "back in the day".
The Hotmail operation also ran on FreeBSD at one time, and that
situation still brings grins to many pundits, as Microsoft continued
to run the FreeBSD Hotmail farm for an humorously arguable
amount of time on FreeBSD after their acquisition of Hotmail.

More contemporary examples in the "hosting" business (uri's may

        will get you six or seven good ones.

The "top hosters" in November included 3 companies running Linux
and 3 running FreeBSD:

Perhaps the most pertinent resource I can think of ATM (directly
relating to your request):  A slightly older article from mid-2004
with some "market penetration" stats and a short list of top
hosters using FreeBSD:

Unfortunately, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong,
Netcraft has ceased its emphasis on "OS platform" and concentrates
more exclusively on web server software in its automated surveys
of late.


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