New logo and business acceptance

Christophe RAMON cramon at
Wed Jan 4 15:06:48 PST 2006

I read that "A new logo for FreeBSD should make the product more
acceptable fo business purposes". Do IT professionals really choose an OS
(or not) partly because of its logo ? Should ORACLE (and others) be more
interested in porting their products to FreeBSD when beastie leaves the
scene ?
I think it is dangerous (at least for the survival of our favorite mascot
!) to have a logo (the result of the contest) and a mascot (good old
beastie) at the same time ...  Shouldn't FreeBSD community keep beastie as
the mascot and "FreeBSD" (written in whatever style or police, like
ORACLE, IBM and so many others do) for its logo ?
Hide the devil if it helps FreeBSD advocacy, but don't kill it !

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