advocacy/89731: TOO MANY SPAMs on's mailing list

Takeo Hashimoto takeo at
Wed Nov 30 06:08:03 GMT 2005

On Nov 30, 2005, at 13:38 JST, John Baldwin wrote:
>>>>> Description:
>>>> there are too many spams on's mailing list.
>>>> - newbie can not find any kind of know-how from ML archive site.
>>>> - almost expert user are disappointed at miserable state of
>>>> community.
>>>> - oldie does not think about mass happiness.
>>>> - once you post article to lists, spammer get your address from
>>>> archive.
>>>> - waste network traffic and server resource.
>>>> - distinct honor of "FreeBSD is a freedom for spammer"
>>  OK, we can protect our mailbox by some filter. but spam
>>  pollutes ML archive (on the web) and spammer can get more
>>  reachable addresses. That is not an individual problem.
>>  that is a matter of ML management policy.
>>  and it should be changed to get happiness of the majority.
>>  Admins are volunteer, and they don't have much time,
>>  so we have to search the solution which get the biggest
>>  effect by the minimum cost.
>>  I think "restrict_post" is the answer.
> If you do this for all of the mailing lists then someone has to spend
> their volunteer time wading through the blocked e-mails to send on
> the ones which are valid.

Currently every subscriber has to spend their time
wading through the spam to pick up the ones which are not spam.
(Of course it is dissipation of resources.)

And ML archive (on the web) stores all spams automatically.
what a kindness.

When newbie wants to search some passed topic,
they have to "wading through the spam" on the ML archive.

>                            This means that someone new to FreeBSD
> will likely have their questions lost because the e-mail will never
> make it to the list (e.g. freebsd-questions) and would make it that
> much harder for new people to get help getting started with FreeBSD.

It is not difficult to subscribe ML
even if they are new to FreeBSD.

> Adding restrict_post actually is a lot of work on the admins since
> someone has to handle all the bounced e-mails.

I think we can simply ignore them (>/dev/null).

If you have better idea to stop deliver spam,
please let me know.
# Takeo Hashimoto.                             sempre ff.  #

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