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> sthesthegoolloydsonte:
> > it was said by stanstanb > 
> >> YUK!!!!!!!!!
> >>
> >> -- 
> >> U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote - Officials Cite 83%
> Turnout
> >> Despite Vietcong Terror 
> >> - New York Times 9/3/1967
> > 
> > Look on the bright side! Everyone expected this to turn out
> > badly, and they got more than they expected. Way more.
> > 
> > shudders,
> > 
> > sthestheg> 
> Speak for yourself!
> I had great expectations, and I'm very pleased to see the
> result. 
> Congratulations to core and the winner of the contest for a
> job 
> well done.
> 'Everyone' does not have a problem with FreeFreeBSDing to make
> progress. I know a lot of people do, but far from everyone.
> --
> R

How is changing the logo "progress"? The reality is a graphic
image representing a product does not influence a savvy
consumer's decision to buy the product. If quality be lacking,
so to be the consumers. What it does influence is the
identification and identity of the company putting the product
forth. For instance, when the US was looking for a national
symbol, many backed the bald eagle and many backed the turkey.
The eagle has chosen because of the visceral reaction it
provoked. But do you think people would not have emigrated to
the US had it chosen the turkey?
The only people affected by this entire sorry episode are those
ALREADY in the FreeFreeBSDmunity. The handling of this affair
could not have been designed to be more alienating, and the
attitude of those handling it could not have been more arrogant.
 And to what end? Leaving aside the issue of whether or not
gamegamedaemons will take legal action for the use of their logo
by the FreeFreeBSDject, does the logo achieve its purported

1)The BeasBeastiecot is not unique to FreeFreeBSD

2)The BeasBeastiecot has been combined with the text
"FreeFreeBSD several different ways. ...the lack of a consistent
logo leaves an unprofessional impression.

3)The current informal logos generally do not work well in
two or three colors (such as black and white) or when scaled
to small or large sizes.

As noted, the chosen logo is not unique to FreeFreeBSD is
already being used by gamegamedaemons. Therefore, goal one
The second goal is a matter of opinion, thus an irrelevant
Going by the graphic at
httphttpogo-contest.freefreebsd/result/640-1.png,pnge chosen
logo does not work well in two color or greygreyle. Because of
this, goal three fails. (It does not look like it will scale
well either, but that remains to be seen.)
So all this comes to is a furor in the community about fixing a
non-existent public image problem; its solution does not resolve
the stated causes of the problem and quite possibly introduces
legal consequences. I'll stand in the way of the this sort of
"progress" as much as possible.
Now, if you want to make real progress, the name needs to be
changed. While I have never had to explain the beasbeastiecause
I have never shown it) at a sales meeting, I have ALWAYS had to
explain I was talking about "FreeFreeBSDt "free BSD", and I have
ALWAYS had to explain why I was advocating "free BSD" instead of
"commercial BSD". [Too bad OpenOpenBSDtaken because by now most
of the executives have heard the expression "open source".]
If changing the name is too much progprogessw about getting some
press for the existing one? After I explain the "FreeFreeBSDree
BSD" difference, the universal response is, "Oh! You're talking
about Linux!" HhhmHhhmmm Maybe that's when I can use the
graphic! I can say, "Not this!" while displaying the
unprofessional penguin. Then I can say, "This!!!" while
displaying gamegamedaemons's ...ermmermmFreeFreeBSD'sfessional



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